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NFOL 2017 Solent DA Winners Large Street Scene and Mardi Gras

NFOL 2017

Solent Da have won the Large Street Scene and Mardi Gras, which is an amazing achievment.
Congratulations to all the Participants for a job well done, which by the pictures, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
It takes a lot of planning and hard work by all the participants to achieve the results as can be seen on the pictures, well done to everyone.
RCBDA in there first entry in the Small Street Scene came away winners as well, well done to them too.
The picture of the three Trophy’s won by DA’s within the Southern Region:-
From Left to Right Illuminated Small Street Winner – RCBDA, Mardi-Gras over 20 people Winner – Solent DA and Illuminated Large Street Scene Winner – Solent DA.